Send Reminder Emails to Campers Automatically

NetCamps makes it easy to communicate with your campers. In this post we’re going to take a closer look at our Confirmation Email system, which allows you to automatically send a series of confirmation and reminder emails to campers after … Read More

Embed Your Camp Registration Form on Your Existing Website

You can embed the first step of your camp’s registration form directly on your website. This means instead of following a link or button to your NetCamps registration page, campers can now begin the process without leaving your website. Note: … Read More


Market Your Camp With Email

If you’ve run camps year after year, you probably already know that sending past camp participants an invitation to your newest camp is a great way to get signups. Chances are, past camp participants are interested in your current camp, … Read More

Creating Social Media Graphics

Creating Social Media Graphics For Your Camp

So, you’ve got your camp all set and ready to go. But how do you market it? Even if you’ve been doing this a long time, it’s still important to reach out and let more people know you’re there. And … Read More

Liability Waiver

Is My Liability Waiver Good Enough?

Liability waiver. Release of liability. Whatever you call it, they’re a necessary part of running a camp. But is your waiver going to hold up in court? That’s the question you need to ask when creating one. And while each … Read More

Online Legal and Liability Forms

Online Legal and Liability Forms

Did you guys know that checking an “I agree” box is legally equivalent to a wet signature? It’s true! Thanks to the Electronic Signatures Act of 2000. So, whenever you click “I agree” on Amazon’s or the iTunes million page long user … Read More

Be Excellent

Be Excellent!

A highly respected leader remarked recently that mediocrity is fast becoming the byword of our times. Every imaginable excuse is now used to make it acceptable. Budget cuts, time deadlines, majority opinion, and hard-nosed practicality are outshouting and outrunning excellence. … Read More

Handling in-game adversity

Handling in-game adversity – an observation from Boise State Basketball

I am absolutely convinced that how a team reacts to in-game adversity is a major differentiator between a good team and a championships team. If one thing is guaranteed in sports, it is that eventually something is not going to go your … Read More

Mixing Up the Snap Count

Mixing Up the Snap Count

If you watched the playoff game between the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers, you no doubt saw a disproportionate number of neutral zone infractions by the Chargers – seven jumps, and the Broncos caught five of them for … Read More

Mixing Up the Snap Count

3 Keys to Dominating Kick Off Coverage

While the kick off team at the NFL level is becoming more and more obsolete due to the rule changes, which has kickers sailing their kicks through the endzone, high school and college games continue to have their contests impacted … Read More